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Have you ever wondered what’s so great about the newest iPhone? Why there’s so much hype about the new Samsung? Why you should or shouldn’t buy something? Or what’s this about Twitter?

Now you no longer need to wonder. TechShogun was built to answer these questions in an informative and consumer-friendly way.

TechShogun is a website that provides coverage of the latest technology news, and reviews of the latest technology products. We aim to provide you everything you need to know in an informative way on an easy-to-read website.

TechShogun was founded in October 2016 by RJ White, CEO, and the first post was made when the site went live in January.

Thinking about buying a new phone but not sure which one to get? Think you need help with the decision?

Think TechShogun.


This is RJ, the CEO of  TechShogun (Creator) and he is interested in all types of technology. RJ even creates his own technology and runs a technology channel called RJ Tech HD. 

This is Connor, the COO of TechShogun. He is interested in everything to do with technology. He has a lot of experience writing for sites online, and wants to spread knowledge of technology.


An average guy that loves to spread his knowledge.


This is Nathan a writer and web designer for TechShogun. He loves cinematography and is pretty good at photoshop. He’s from the UK and makes YouTube videos for fun. He is one of the admins of the TechShogun team.


A young tech enthusiast that enjoys making crispy tech videos and being surrounded by technology and gadgets!


This is Bhavesh Bharambe. He’s a sophomore in high school who has a passion for tech. He loves making tech videos and has a YouTube channel by his name. He strives to make quality tech videos at its finest with the equipment he has!


This is Steven Van Hiring Manager at TechShogun. 15. Entrepreneur. Talent Agent for @ScaleLabNetwork. Cinematographer for @Astrum_Official. Ambassador for @510Movement.


This is Jackson Geary, a writer at TechShogun. Love all things tech, writing about tech, and making videos about tech. I mainly strive to make videos about budget products.  14. Tech Youtuber. Film Producer. Android Enthusiast. Tech Lover.


This is Omar he is a tech enthusiast and loves to film edit and write! He is a 15 year old Tech YouTuber make sure to check out his channel ThatTechGuy Films!\


This is Davit the Social Media Manager/Writer of Tech Shogun and loves many types of technology. Davit also has a technology YouTube channel called iTechTotal.


This is Joey Peters from JJTHC who is a site designer and site author. Joey is 16 years old with a passion for technology. You can find his Technology YouTube channel named JJTHC!


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