What Are The Moshi Vortex Air Bluetooth Headphones?

Moshi is a company that was founded in 2005, they design sophisticated accessories and electronics with the aim of enhancing the mobile lifestyle. They have just launched their new Vortex Air Bluetooth headphones, but what are these headphones like? With the new, Moshi Vortex Air headphones, you can not only enjoy your favourite audio, you... Continue Reading →


JBL Flip 4 is it worth the upgrade!

With the new launch of the JBL Flip 4 is it worth the upgrade from the JBL Flip 3? So what has changed between the Flip 3 and the Flip 4? Well its not a huge change but there are some very good changes, the first change is 2 more hours of music time with... Continue Reading →

Experienced: Mixcder ShareMe 5s

So over the pass few weeks i have been using the Mixcder ShareMe 5s and i got to say they are quite amazing . The material gives them a premium feel and a clean design. I have used the headphones for listening to music and editing videos and the audio that is outputted is certainly... Continue Reading →

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