Clips | How to use Apple Clips

Today Apple released their brand new app called Clips where you can make clips of different things and add special effects to the clip.

When first opening the app, I was really confused on how to use it. This is not a very simple app like snapchat where you take a picture and add an emoji and text to it. To get started, you need to either pick a photo from your library or take a picture of video in the moment. When you are picking a clip from your library, it will show up on the screen. To add it to the clip, you need to hold down on the red button for however long you would like that clip to be in the whole project. When you have made it as long as you would like, let go and it should add it to the project. After that, you can add different things to the clip you have just added like different stickers. A cool thing about the stickers is that they change based on the time of day or where your location is. Another thing you can do is change the look and add a filter. They have a couple different cool ones, comic book being my personal favorite. Next you can add different text title slides in which you can change the text of to fit with your little movie. Again their is a big selection that you can choose from. Lastly, their is cool feature. You can speak while you are recording and what you are saying will show up on the screen or video. This can be useful if you want subtitles but don’t want to add them in later. It isn’t very accurate so keep that in mind, it most likely will mess up if you don’t speak loud and clear. One you have everything finished, you can put everything together and make it into a clip. When exporting, it will only be in a square format, great for instagram but horrible for everything else.

You can download this app on the Appstore if you have iOS 10.3 or later.



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