Introducing Twitter Lite

Earlier today, Twitter announced the new mobile platform of Twitter Lite. This platform is unlike Facebook Lite, where you still need to download an app; Twitter Lite runs on your mobile browser.

Twitter Lite loads quicker on slow connections, reduces the amount of mobile data used in the experience, and uses less than 1MB of storage on your device. Twitter claims that Twitter Lite should load 30% quicker on your browser, than the standard Twitter mobile site.

The usual features of Twitter are included. You are able to view your timeline, tweet, send DMs, view profiles and trends, and upload images. However, as this is a lite version, some features of the standard Twitter mobile site, such as video uploading or live streaming, are not supported.

Twitter Lite is aimed at users in developing countries, with limited access to the internet, and where there is internet access, it is very slow. It is supposed to help those with limited amounts of data in expensive data plans- the only ones available in such countries.

Twitter Lite also includes a useful data saver mode. This feature allows you to see a preview of images and videos before automatically downloading them which happens on most websites. Instead, it lets you choose which media files you want to be downloaded to your device. Twitter claims that this feature may reduce the amount of data used by up to 70%.

If you’re using Twitter Lite in the Google Chrome browser on an Android device, there is an option available to receive your Twitter notifications. This means that you will still get all of your notifications on your device, even without having an app to display them. You can also add the Twitter Lite site to your device’s home screen. This means that you can reach the Twitter Lite site as if it was an app, and it will allow you to launch Twitter Lite, without needing to type in the web address.

Twitter Lite is currently available to users everywhere in the world. To access Twitter Lite, you just need to visit the Twitter mobile site ( on your device.


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