How To Change Bixby Button To Launch Google Assistant

Samsung’s newest flagship phones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, come with a dedicated button to launch Bixby, Samsung’s new virtual assistant. The common trend in feedback about the new flagships, is that people are not happy with Bixby.

A lot of people now want to change the button to launch the Google Assistant instead of Bixby, because the Google Assistant is a lot better. This comes after a challenge from MKBHD on Twitter, for someone to find a way to reroute the Bixby button.

One Reddit user succeeded in changing the Bixby button. Here, we will show you how to do so.

How To Reroute Bixby Button To Google Assistant

Part 1:

  1. Install the application “All In One Gestures“.
  2. Open the app and grant it access to modify system settings.
  3. Swipe to the “Hard Keys” tab in the app.
  4. Tap “Enable”.
  5. Enable “Accessibility Service” on the prompt.
  6. Tap to go to the “Accessibility Settings”.
  7. Go to “All In One Gestures” under the “Services” tab and tap on it.
  8. Toggle the “Radio Button” setting on.
  9. Return to “All In One Gestures”.

Part 2:

  1. Tap the “Menu” button (three dots) in the top right hand corner.
  2. Tap on the option “Custom Keys”.
  3. Press the Bixby button.
  4. Return to “All In One Gestures” from Bixby.
  5. The key code should display “1082”.
  6. Press “Add”.
  7. Under the “Custom Keys” tab, will be the key code for the Bixby button.

Part 3:

  1. Tap on the circle box next to the key code.
  2. On the pop up, make sure it is on the tab “Action”.
  3. Then tap “Search” on the pop up.
  4. Select “Voice Search”.
  5. Exit “All In One Gestures”.
  6. Press Bixby button.
  7. You should see Google Assistant!

Open An App:

  1. Instead of going to the “Action” tab in Part 3, Step 2, go to the “Application” tab.
  2. Select the application you want to launch.
  3. Exit “All In One Gestures”.
  4. Press the Bixby button.
  5. Your application should launch!


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