Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Will Make You Forget All About the Explosive Note 7

SAMSUNG NEEDS THE Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones unveiled today to make you forget all about the Note 7 RECALL . And there’s a good chance they will, because these phones are pretty GOOD no GREAT.


In their all-black versions, they look and feel as if they were made by pouring molten onyx into a mold. These aren’t unibody devices, but they might as well be. They feel like river-polished rocks, ones with OLED screens spilling over the edges.

That wraparound design element helps these big-screened phones feel smaller than their size might suggest. The S8 has a 5.8-inch display, while the S8 Plus is 6.2 inches on the diagonal. Both feel slimmer than their predecessors, thanks in part to a unique 18.5-by-9 aspect ratio on those screens. As a result, they’re two relatively huge phones that feel surprisingly normal in the hand.


As beautiful as these phones are, it’s what’s inside that counts. Not just the components, which are as top-tier as you’d expect in a flagship phone. In this case, hot on the heels of the Note 7 recall, the battery is at the top of everyone’s mind.

Capacity-wise, both phones are on par with their predecessors. The Galaxy S8 sports a 3,000Ah pack, while the bigger Galaxy S8 Plus bumps that up to 3,500mAh. They’re the first Galaxy S phones with USB-C charging ports. Thats not new most phone companies are switching to Usb-c for charging and media.

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RJ White | CEO/Writer
RJ designs his own technology , he loves all types of modern technology including PC Builds and Phones. RJ enjoys writing for TechShogun and creates videos for RJ TECH HD. Be sure to check out him out


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