NEW Samsung Galaxy S8 | First Impressions

Hello, my name is Joey and here are my first impression of the new Samsung Galaxy S8.


Going over the new device, on the outside comes it’s biggest change. The screen in now massive and covers most of the front of the screen leaving almost no bezels. This is the same thing that LG did, but Samsung did it better by integrating their curved screen into it to make an even more bezel less display. The Galaxy S8 is bringing in a 5.8” screen while the Galaxy S8 Plus is bringing a 6.2” screen. They are great looking obviously because samsung made these displays and in my opinion, they are the best display manufacturer.


Moving on around the device, the home button below is not a thing anymore. They have gotten rid of the physical home button for a haptic feedback mechanism like Apple did with the iPhone 7. It’s not a real button but when you press down, it feels like you’re pressing a button by the phone giving you haptic feedback. Which I like.


The rear camera is the same and hasn’t changed but the front camera got an upgrade for you to take better selfies. I think that Samsung has nailed the camera on every phone they have made and this phone is just like the note 7, just better (and hopefully won’t explode).


Here are my thoughts on the device as a whole. This phone is the best smartphone that has ever been made and will probably be better than the iPhone. The iPhone will still have more hype and will sell more units because there’s just something about the iPhone that almost everybody likes even though the Galaxy is better. I think it has to do with software. If you Samsung would make their software on the S8 stock, I think they would have a lot more people eyeing up their new flagships which will lead Apple in the dust.



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