Corsair One review: The best small form factor PC we’ve ever seen

Corsair One review: The best small form factor PC we’ve ever seen


SPECS AT A GLANCE: CORSAIR ONELowestMiddleBest (as reviewed)OSWindows 10 Home 64-bitCPUIntel Core i7-7700 (liquid cooled)Intel Core i7-7700K (liquid cooled)Intel Core i7-7700K (liquid cooled)RAM16GB DDR4 2,400MHz (8GBx2)16GB DDR4 2,400MHz (8GBx2)16GB DDR4 2,400MHz (8GBx2)GPUNvidia GTX 1070 (air cooled)Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB (liquid cooled)Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB (liquid cooled)HDD240GB SATA SSD, 1TB HDD480GB SATA SSD, 2TB HDD960GB SATA SSDPSU400W SFX400W SFX400W SFXNETWORKINGGigabit Ethernet, AC Wi-FiPORTS3 x USB 3.1 Type-A, 1 x USB-3.1 Type-C, 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x DisplayPort, 2x HDMI, headphone jack, microphone jackSIZEHeight: 380mm (14.9 inches), depth: 200mm (7.9 inches), width: 176mm (6.9 inches)WEIGHT7.4kgWARRANTYTwo years with 24/7 support and five day repair turnaroundPRICE£1800/$1800£2200/$2200£2270/$2300NOTESThere’s also a fourth model, which Corsair didn’t tell us about ahead of time, with a GTX 1080 Ti. It’s an online exclusive priced at £2600/$2700. Still no M.2 SSD though…

It’s hard to believe that the Corsair One comes from the same company that designed the Bulldog, a small form factor PC so monstrously ugly that the mere thought of placing it in a living room was enough to set off a spousal gag reflex. Where the Bulldog was a confused mishmash of jaunty, l33t gamer angles, the One is sleek, sophisticated, and—dare I say it—even a little grown up.


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