OnePlus 3T Colette Special Edition


OnePlus have been teasing us for a couple days about an announcement on March 15, 2017. Today is that day and OnePlus have announced a OnePlus 3T Colette Edition phone.

What is the OnePlus 3t Colette Edition?

The OnePlus 3T Colette Edition is a collaboration between OnePlus and Colette (France Fashion Retailer). The OnePlus 3T Colette Edition is a very special and limited phone featuring an all matte black design which looks amazing to me. What makes this phone special is the Colette logo engraved onto the back of the phone. This special edition phone also comes with a pair of Bullets V2 Earphones. Another thing that is different is the box. It is a blue which again is very nice. This phone is screaming premium at a budget price point. Nothing has changed internally and is the same thing as the OnePlus 3t, just in a different color with Colette’s logo on the back of the phone.


How do I buy one?

It it pretty difficult to get your hands on one of these because first of all, their are only 250 phones which is not that much. Secondly, you can’t buy these from OnePlus, you will have to buy it from the Colette store in Paris, France Tuesday, March 21.



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