Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been leaking like crazy for the past few months and the event that will release the phone is quickly approaching. I have gathered a list of everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S8!


We have all seen LG’s new flagship, the LG G6 with it’s beautiful 18:9 screen slapped onto the front leaving minimal bezels. Samsung will be adopting this technology only to make it better. They will be introducing a curved 18:9 screen which will make it seem as if their are absolutely no bezels on the side of the phone, only small bezels at the top and bottom of the phone. We are also expecting Samsung to blow us away with it’s amazing screen resolution.



The spec sheet for the Samsung Galaxy S8 has leaked leaving us with a pretty good idea of what will be packed into the phone. Below is the spec sheet that was leaked. These are just leakes, they have not been confirmed but these are most likely the real specs of the Samsung Galaxy S8.


Release Date

Samsung has announced the official date where the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be announced and showed off. That date will be March 29 but you won’t be able to actually buy the phone until April 21. Get your wallets ready because I don’t expect this phone to be cheap. If I were to take a guess on the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, I would say it will be either pretty close to $1,000 USD or just under $1,000 USD.



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