HTC U Ultra does it stack up to the competition?

The HTC U Ultra is a new flagship device with some amazing specs, but does it compete with the heavy hitters? htc-u-ultra-all-colors-first-look-aa-5-of-6-1200x800.jpg

First of all lets admit the HTC U Ultra has a lot of similar  looks to other phones, but its very gorgeous its outstanding design definitely holds its own. The black, white and very shiny blue are amazing color choices, and of course lets not forget about the pink/rose gold color. Whichever color you choose on this device you wont be disappointed. htc-u-ultra-first-look-aa-19-of-24-840x560

The U Ultra comes with a 5.7 inch 2560 by 1440p superLCD5 display and wow does it look amazing. The secondary display on top is also very vibrant and looks great. The 3000MAH battery powering this device is a little small for 2017 flagships but it should do the job and make it thru a full day. The new but not so new Snapdragon 821 processor and its 4GB of ram is plenty of power to drive this beast of a device. The cameras on past generation HTC devices haven’t been great but the 12mp rear sensor on the Ultra seems different this time. Also for selfie takers there is a 16mp front facing camera. For audio lovers this is a phone for you except for not having a headphone jack but the 24bit audio DAC is outstanding.


Overall is the HTC U Ultra worth your money? Well it depends if you are an HTC fanboy then yes its for you. If your looking for the best phone out there than maybe look somewhere else but dont get me wrong this phone definitely will and can compete with the latest flagships coming out. Its 800$ US price tag is a bit steep but i think HTC has made a comeback.

Get it here-


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