Bose QC 35 best noise cancelling headphones?


The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 are supposedly one of the best noise cancelling headphones but is that true?

These headphones come at a very steep price tag of 350$ but considering the price of these headphones that isnt that much for the quality you are getting! bose-quietcomfort-35

In the unboxing you get your carying bag and the headphones themselves! The headphones also come with a 3.5 mm headphone cord, a charging cord and a plane adapter!

Comfort/Noise Cancellation- The comfort in these headphones is quite amazing and you can definitely last a long time with these headphones with no issues! The noise cancellation is very good it cancels heavy machinery drills, people and more. They are to be the best in the business for noise cancellation.

Sound- Sound on these are just amazing they have crystal clear highs with very good mids the bass on these is very good but if your a bass head and like that rumbling bass from Beats then these wont be good. But if you like a very balanced and true sound then these are very good.

Overall are these worth the 350$ price tag? Yes they are very worth it the sound the noise cancelling and the comfort are all a very good part on these headphones.


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