Register Super Mario Run on Android !

Register Super Mario Run on Android !

screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-9-34-55-amNintendo gave Apple a timed exclusive with Super Mario Run, but ‘timed’ means that it was bound to arrive on Android sooner or later. Now, Android users can register in the Google Play Store to get notified when it is actually available, much like iOS users could prior to the game’s launch on Apple’s mobile devices.

largeThe Play Store entry for Super Mario Run features a video preview of the game, which looks pretty much exactly like Super Mario Run on iOS. The game’s description outlines the same features, too, including World Tour, Toad Rally and the Kingdom Builder. It mentions that a free trial will be available immediately upon download, with a set purchase price unlocking the rest of the content, but it doesn’t specific said price, though it’ll likely be with the iOS version.

Nintendo launched Super Mario Run on iOS on December 15, and has racked up over 50 million downloads for the first mobile Mario game so far. It’s arriving on Android sometime in 2017, but judging by this pre-registration campaign, it should be sooner rather than later.

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