Chipolo Plus Review: The World’s Loudest Bluetooth Tracker?

P1830294.JPG     After hearing many tech companies start-up great trackers on Kickstarter this year, I decided to check out Chipolo. They seem like a very great company to work with, since they are a small startup, and the have a few interesting products to unveil. I asked them if us, TechShogun, can receive some review units of the products of their choice. They decided to send me their Chipolo Plus, which is the newest tracker in their lineup.

First, lets talk design and build quality. The design of the Plus is very modernly striking, with its minimal colors, and circle-shaped body, that can fit into anyone’s pocket, even down to a squirrel. The build quality is ok, but you have to remember this product is all plastic, and it will wear and tear over time, with some minimal scratches to the paint. Overall, I think the design is awesome and minimal, but the build quality coule be improved a little, especially because of its budget price. Its also IP5 water resistant, which is a nice touch.


Next, lets talk connectivity. The Plus connects via bluetooth 4.0 to any IOS or Android device. Setup is pretty simple, where you just download the Chipolo app from the Play or App store, follow the instructions in the app, and then done, your Chipolo Plus is connected and ready to use when needed! The app is very user friendly and minimal, with one page with a list, and another for connecting to a map. Connectivity for this thing is a breeze, and I hope to see more products with this speed from Chipolo.

Finally, lets talk usability, and price. With the help of the keychain, you can practially fit his onto anything with a ring, i.e. keys. But usability, is pretty good. It does say it has a 90 decibal melody on the box, but I feel like its at a lot lower tone, but still hearable to an extent for all ages. Range is pretty phenomanal for the price, in which I tested it by going to the back side of my backyard. I have a pretty medium-sized backyeard, so it seemed to work very well. With all these features, you would expect this tracker would cost something close to $50-60. Well, today you can actually buy it on their website, for $25! For good build quality/design, great connectivity, awesome range, and a superb price, this product would be in my hands around a 8.5/10. Its not phenomenal in everything, but it gets the job well-done with day to day usage.

Well, thats it for my review. Be sure to check out all of our other articles on TechShogun, and follow us on twitter/instagram @TechShogun. This is Tech Simplified signing off, peace!


Jackson Geary | Writer

This is Jackson Geary.Love all things tech, writing about tech, and making videos about tech. I mainly strive to make videos about budget products.  14. Tech Youtuber . Film Producer . Android Inthusiast . Tech Lover .


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