The Mixcder Ghost : Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $100

The Mixcder Ghost : Bluetooth Headphones


The Mixcder Ghost were released a year ago on March 25th 2016

.  I was curious to test these headphones so mixcder was kind enough to send one over a unit . The first thing that would catch the consumer’s eye is the ghost design. The Ghost are made of artificial protein leather of earmuff, rubber oil process it has a matt black finish which can get messy when you have greasy hands. This artifical leather feels nice to hold and to simply place on your head and it bring comfort and heat to your ears .

These headphone have Wireless V4.0 with apt-X technology and another name for that which Bluetooth 4.0. It surely doesn’t dissapoint when it comes to bringing bass and sound. It has a full range audio spectrum for deep bass with is mind blowing thru my personal experience with the bass its the best in my opinion I would match these with the quality of beats because of the bass mainly. And finally, the best part of these bluetooth headphones apart from the deep bass is its battery “i wish smartphones had this type of battery life” the battery last for 20 hrs. Which is has a Ultra-long standby time , 20 hrs. Of playing music and using the mixcder ghost to talk on phone. Ghost also can be used both wired and wirelessly via Wireless 4.0 to communicate with your wireless-enabled device till 10 meters range. It’s powerful and rich bass speaker transmit brings you amazing audio enjoyment.Package Contents

1.Wireless headset * 1

2.Micro USB charging cable * 1

3.3.5mm audio cable * 1

4.User manual * 1

5.Mesh bag * 1

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