Rumor Central: Samsung Galaxy S8

(leaked photo by Samsung) With the release/rumors of new phones like the HTC U Ultra, Huawei Mate 9 Pro, and the Nokia 8, where does Samsung have themselves in the game? The Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung's latest flagship, is expected to release sometime mid April, and it contains some pretty killer specifications inside. The S8... Continue Reading →


Best Android phones (January 2017)

With many people wondering what phones to get in 2017 we have rounded up the best Android phones for early 2017! There are quite the options coming from budget options to flagships! Best budget option- Moto G4/Moto G4 plus The Moto G4/Moto G4 plus have many similarities and are both very good options. The G4... Continue Reading →

Is the Nokia 6 worth it?

Is The Nokia 6 worth it? In its first flash sale for the Nokia 6 it only took 1 minute to sell out, but does this make the Nokia 6 worth it? The design is premium, yet very common for Nokia smartphones! The internals on the Nokia 6 has a mid-range categorization: A very beefy... Continue Reading →

What caused the Note 7 to explode?

Samsung to reveal the cause of Galaxy Note 7 fires during their press conference on Sunday! If you have been wondering what caused many Galaxy Note 7 devices to explode then it looks like you will be getting your answer very soon! Samsung has confirmed today that they will be holding a press conference to... Continue Reading →

Register Super Mario Run on Android !

Register Super Mario Run on Android ! Nintendo gave Apple a timed exclusive with Super Mario Run, but ‘timed’ means that it was bound to arrive on Android sooner or later. Now, Android users can register in the Google Play Store to get notified when it is actually available, much like iOS users could prior... Continue Reading →

Experienced: Mixcder ShareMe 5s

So over the pass few weeks i have been using the Mixcder ShareMe 5s and i got to say they are quite amazing . The material gives them a premium feel and a clean design. I have used the headphones for listening to music and editing videos and the audio that is outputted is certainly... Continue Reading →

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